About Boëna

Boëna is a Mediterranean restaurant in the heart of Wilrijk. 

Serving the food of the modern-day middle east, a menu influenced by the rich cultures of Spain, North Africa and the Levant. The passion in our cooking can be seen in our colorful dishes. We are proud of this cultural mix that brings great flavors to the table and we’ve given it a refined approach by the hand of our chefs.

Call us now to book on +32 468 20 95 52

Kitchen Opening Times

Monday 12:00/15:00 - 17:00/23:30

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday: 17:00/23:30

Thursday 12:00/15:00 -17:00/23:30

Friday 12:00/15:00 - 17:00/23:30

Saturday 17:00/23:30

Sunday 12:00/15:00 - 17:00/23:30

Book a table:
+32 468 20 95 52