About Boëna

Boëna is a Mediterranean restaurant and deli-shop in the heart of Wilrijk. 

Serving the food of the modern-day middle east, a menu influenced by the rich cultures of Spain, North Africa and the Levant. The passion in our cooking can be seen in our colorful dishes. We are proud of this cultural mix that brings great flavors to the table and we’ve given it a refined approach by the hand of our chef.

Call us now to book on +32 468 20 95 52

Opening Times

Boëna opened its doors on the 8th of May 2021. Opening hours are:

Tuesday: Closed

Monday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday: 12:00 - 23:00

Wednesday: 15:00 - 23:00

Book a table:
+32 468 20 95 52

Adil Achahbar - Head chef

As a well experienced chef at different culinary levels, he has worked in Spain, London and Antwerp at a well-known two Michelin star restaurant, “The Jane”. After opening his first restaurant in “Antwerpen Zuid'' in 2019, “The Juke Joint Kitchen", a creative Soul Food concept.

Our chef wants to reconnect with his North African roots and add to it the experience of his journey as a chef which started many years ago in the beautiful Spanish city of Valencia - the smell of the orange fields in spring touched by the breeze of the Mediterranean Sea - it's a memory that he will always carry with him. His cuisine, creative and full of colors, brings the joy of Mediterranean food to a new level.